Dominate for Simplicity

Can’t hear that too often. Simplicity is my solution to every problem. Because on the top of a structure tree, you can find only one word. Dominate.


In my high school days simplicity was one of my biggest lacks during the day. Sometimes I tried to be a perfectionist in maths, sports or simply daily business. Often I wanted to bear in Mind too many things (work out time, eating plan, structure). For lunch I asked myself everyday if I should take the potatoes or the rice, because of so many things I heard about these foods. In the search of a clear string I was lost. There was nothing to hold on except little branches in the Sea. And then I found out about the concept of simplicity. Which once more, I had already heard enough from my environment in terms like “take it easy”, “don’t worry”, “keep calm”, “it don’t matter”, “fuck that”, “try it”.

Is knowledge a curse?

Knowledge is power, they say. I would sign that for elementary school, but already in high school I found out that the research front in any area (nature sciences and human sciences) is debating about basic stuff (out of what atoms exist?, how does our brain works?). Opinions exist like sand corns at the beach. Yeah, the forest is clearing. But when it comes to health (long life), social behaviour (give and take, saying the truth) eg. knowledge can be a curse. What to believe? What to believe? What to believe? I ended up by alternating, being indecisive, doing nothing at all. (time inconsistency disadvantage).

This is the WRONG approach. I firmly believe that as an unsure junior or lead adult you have the perspective of swimming in a infinite ocean (or similar image)and you are absolutely lost. I changed that image with slogans like “think positively”, “it’s more complex” (#justkim), “i am a animal”, “i can do whatever.”

Be a Dominater

Slowly i transformed into a man with confidence, pride and instinct! With this background my image approach, which apparently happens unconsciously, has changed to a picture I dominate. I am the center of my life, I can go from zero to hero, knowledge around me makes my life more easy. Life gets simple because I have it in my hands, and not reverse. I can dominate the game like the Miami Heat.

Does that sound arrogant to you? Keep in Mind:

  • We are Animals. What you need is a two hands, three legs your brain and your gut. You could get you ass beaten, you could beat the ass of someone.
  • Society is a construct. You don’t need any degree for happiness. Validation is for pussys. Your only natural NEEDS are Oxygen and food. Ask a fucking biologist about that if you don’t believe me. Need for security, validation, contribution or love are socially created. We can easily row back a little bit on that one.

Now again: “Life gets simple because I have it in my hands, and not reverse. I can dominate the game like the Miami Heat.”

Frame is key

You all know people with confidence, we all know people with success and pride. They all have one thing in common. In their priority list oxygen and food are ranked first. Yes, Beyonce also needs love and significant, but it’s not her primary goal.

This post suggests to make you reset you hard disk, to change the frame you live by. Namely to dominate your life and conducting. New years resolution turn into Plans (Victor Pride), Will power turns into habit, disturbs go space, tasks turn into projects/ missions. because you confident and determined enough to follow your needs strictly and longterm.

Life gets simple!


Further thoughts:

-Simplicity for servants?


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